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Info in english

A brief club history...

• In the early part of the 20th century hockey was played in the name of Malmö FF, the citys succesful football team. 

• In 1972 Malmö IF was founded. Rickard Fagerlund, who later on was the president of the Swedish Hockey Federation, was one of the strong men behind the foundation of a pure hockey club in the city.

• In 1984 Percy Nilsson took over as chairman of the board and Malmö IF was promoted to Division I, the nations second highest hockey league.

• In 1988 Malmö IF was the hottest team in Sweden, signing world class players although still playing in Division I. At the same time the football team was the most succesful in the country, but hockey was the most popular sport in the city.

• In 1990 Malmö IF was promoted to the top Swedish League, Elitserien, beating MoDo 4-3 in overtime.

• Malmö IF became a power house in Elitserien from the start. In 1992 the club became Swedish Champion for the first time in club history, beating Djurgården 4-2 in the decisive fifth game at Malmö Isstadion.

• In 1993 the club hade success in Europe as well, winning the European Cup-final against Dynamo Moscow in Düsseldorf after penalty shots. Peter Sundström netted the game winning goal.

• In 1994 the club won the Swedish Championship for the 2nd time. Once again the cup was hoisted on home ice after a 3-1-victory against MoDo in the fifth and decisive game. Malmö IF, or MIF as the team was called at this time, turned the series around, trailing 0-2 after the first two games.

• In 1996 the club changed namn to MIF Redhawks getting a brand new style of uniforms.

• In 2003 Malmö was once again added to the teams name, now being Malmö Redhawks.

• In 2004 the club was finished second to last in Elitserien and had tog qualify to remain a top tier team. The qualification was succesful and Malmö Redhawks stayed in Elitserien for one more season.

• In 2005 was even worse, finishing dead last and relegated to HockeyAllsvenskan.

• The stint in HockeyAllsvenskan was short and the club bounced back to Elitserien the following spring, however just a year later the club was once again relegated.

• In the autumn of 2008 Malmö Redhawks moved to brand new state-of-the-art arena called Malmö Arena.

• After several failed tries to get back to SHL (the new name of the former Elitserien) Malmö Redhawks was succesful in getting a promotion in 2015. In a seven game series the Redhawks was able to win the seventh game, 4-2, earning a promotion.

Some star players who have played in the club during the years...

Peter "Pekka" Lindmark, Mats Hallin, Mats Näslund, Peter Sundström, Mats Lusth, Ilya Byakin, Raimo Helminen, Tomas Sandström, Peter Andersson, Roger Nordström, Robert Burakovsky, Roger Öhman, Roger Hansson, Robert Svehla, Ricard Persson, Daniel Rydmark, Juha Riihijärvi, Niclas Hävelid, Kim Johnsson, Johan Tornberg, Jesper Mattsson, Andreas Lilja, Andreas Hadelöv, Carl Söderberg, Frans Nielsen... and many more.

Home of the club

Since the autumn of 2008 Malmö Redhawks has a new home in Malmö Arena, probably the best hockey arena i Europe. The arena is a state-of-the-art multi purpose venue and features all type of facilities such as restaurants, bars and lounges. Malmö Arena offers a capacity of 12600 spectators.

The former home was the classic arena Malmö Isstadion, which is still active and is the home of the clubs junior teams. Malmö Arena and Malmö Isstadion co-hosted the 2014 World Junior Championship, for which Isstadion was renovated and upgraded.


Chairman of the board: Tommy Qvarfort
President and General Manager: Patrik Sylvegård
Head coach: Peter Andersson
Assistant coaches: Jesper Mattsson and Martin Filander
Team captain: Erik Forssell
Assistant captains: Andreas Thuresson, Robin Alvarez and Nils Andersson

Team colours

Red, black and white


Home: red jersey, black pants, red socks, black helmet
Away: white jersey, black pants, white socks, white helmet

Club address

Malmö Redhawks
Hyllie Stationstorg 2
S-215 32  MALMÖ
Phone: +46 (0) 40 642 06 00
e-mail: [email protected]

How to get signed photos and player autographs

Send us a letter and tell us your wishes. Make sure to include a return envelope (size 23 x 16 cm) + postal costs, with your name and address on. Please understand that we cannot handle requests received by e-mail.